It is official ladies and gentlemen my pallet is reset. How do I know this, well I licked the spoon the clumpy powder Super Green mix off the spoon today and I smiled. Good-bye Peanut butter licking cravings and hello greens.

This is pretty big! I hadn’t intentionally meant to replace my desires, I am not sure that I thought that was possible. My intention was to stop eating and craving the unhealthy stuff and to reset some of my old habits. But I was thinking in terms of extinguishing rather than replacing.

This whole rerooting journey is just that. Having an intention and then diving in and being away of how this intention may lead to so many different things. Circling around these new things and noticing what happens. This is a great example of how easy it can be to re-pattern our brains and bodies. An intention, effort, and time can lead to big shifts in what we root into.

To be clear, it is not like I was eating a lot of unhealthy food but I was in a pattern of reaching for certain foods to make me feel better. I knew that those foods also kept me feeling bad too. Since I couldn’t change my situation at this time, I choose to change my diet. Which, has effected my mood in the simplest fact that I feel better about myself.

And, it is day 5! Normally, I would be done with a cleanse and excited to get back to my older habits but this time it feels different. Not in a forced, “I should keep drinking these shakes” but in a “I am excited to have a new option in my routine.”

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