Our friends here in France threw us a little going away party this past weekend. I figured I would bring up the topic of the menstrual cup at some point since it was fresh in my thoughts. I decided to inquire about it with the youngest female at the party. Yes, I did this all in French.

She looked at me and enthusiastically, stated “Oui, bien sur j’utilise la cup”. Okay then. Also at the party was a mid-wife, who was closer to my age. I should have known that she was familiar with the cup and that I could ask her questions about the challenges I had with my experience.

Luckily she also spoke some english. She was even more enthusiastic about the topic. She shared that the cup I had used was to blame for how difficult it was to get out and explained that pinching the bottom of the cup, to unsuction it, was all that was necessary with the right fit.

I found out that all 7 women present knew of the cup and some used it as their sole resource during their menstruation. I, again, felt very out of the loop. I am curious how you may have heard about the cup and if you have tried it… Leave a message below.

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