NEW OFFERING- I have been studying and learning so much about the Tarot that I am now ready to share all that knowledge with my community. If you have a small business or are having a gathering and would like to host a Tarot 101 offering, please reach out to schedule.

This offering is woven with fun, insight about Tarot and how these cards can support you in your life. Participants will leave¬† feeling confident on how the Tarot could be useful for them. The approach is inclusive to any person and situation because it follows the teachings of Lindsey Mack’s, Soul Tarot.¬† If you have further questions, please reach out to me directly.

I also currently provided one on one or group offerings to learn this approach, as well. I am not a Tarot reader. I do not view Tarot cards as a source to predict the future. I have found that Tarot can help us come into deeper co-creation with our inner wisdom.