Rerooting circles was created out of the realization that what we circle around is what we root into. This idea came to me in February 2019 and I have continued to nurture it, practice it, and explore its deep meanings.As our current way of living in this world is taking on a drastic shift, the concept behind Rerooting Circles could not be more necessary. 

Rerooted, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is formed, made, or developed by using (something) as a basis. Our roots being the link between the interaction with the outside world and our inner truth. When we are rooted into a deep sense of the gifts we bring to this world, our thoughts, actions, and feelings align in a powerful way. 

The coronavirus will be a defining moment in our lives. Even in our human existence. Our way of being will shift and we will be rerooted. No one knows what this will look like but as we isolate, I invite you to shift through the environment you were previously rooted in and ask yourself what needs to change.

We will have an opportunity to create new ways of being connected to ourselves, our environment, and those around us. Our social isolation will be an opportunity for each of us to explore our past, process our current lives, let go of unhelpful pattern. New concepts will present themselves, such as root centered beliefs which are our individual gifts that are unique to us and important to share with the world.  Together, with our root centered beliefs and gifts we will grow stronger, renewed, and be more connected to a deeper sense of meaning in our lives.

Rerooting Circles is open to building conversations around these ideas. Please join us as we shape shift together into this new world.

If you are here, then your place in the Rerooting Community has already begun.  Head to the Offerings page to see if there is an offering that feels right for you.  

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