I am predicting that you may see this title frequently on the Rerooting Circles blog. Let me take this opportunity to express my thoughts about why that might be.

Rerooting Circles is a project that originated from a strong vision I have experienced. In bringing that vision to full fruition, I am going to be circling around different topics because, I myself, am just trying to figure it all out.

I envision the Rerooting Circle Community being a place where people understand themselves better by recognizing relatable parts of themselves in another persons process. We are all circling around something. Our vibrations bounce off each other and often times that bounce has a profound effect on each other.

I think of vibrations as very fast moving balls circling in orbits causing energetic waves that pushing and pull energy. Part of this project is to be vulnerable about my life and create spaces for others to do the same. Naturally allowing our vibrations to ripple through the vast community.

This vision is about building an authentic community but I am in the process of finding that community and living in a way that feels aligned with this vision. Starting with the face that none of us are perfect nor are we always making choices that are always aligned with what we want to see more of in our lives. Unless you are a guru, saint or other godly person. If you are, I feel honored that you are even reading this!

But in reality, we are all just trying the best we can. So my hope is that by me sharing my process of choices I am making, I can model what reality really looks like.

So then why did I choose to write about a detox as the first postings here at Rerooting Circles? Well, it just so happened that the same week I choose to move forward with this journey was the same week that I decided to start feeding myself in a healthier way. Coincidence? Related? Hmmm. Or just how life happened to work out?