For those of you who know me, you know that we are transitioning back to the states from France in a few weeks. I am very excited!

Over the past year, I have not been taking the best care of my digestive system. I have indulged in all sorts of delicious things. Not that I regret any bite or sip, but I know my choices are not healthy for me. So I decided to capitalize on my excited energy and commit to a 5 day detox plan.

Intention: Reset my system and give myself an opportunity to prioritize my health.

Community: My belle-mère has joined me and I have committed to posting about my experience.

Responsiblity: I have a responsiblity to choose organic and healthy foods to empower my functioning. I have been emotionally nurturing myself through food over the past two years and the results have been increased weight gain, feeling more sluggish, poor skin, and crabbier mood.

Commitment- I am committing to following the Your superfoods 5 day detox plan. I am also going to commit to sharing my progress each day on Instagram and here.

Connection: I will explore the connection I feel towards myself and others through the process.

Integration: I will be mindful on how my old patterns poke their needs in and will address them accordingly.

Vibration: I imagine that I will feel more connected to my own inner guidance as I start to peel off the layers of sugar, starch and other additives my body and mind have been accustom to living off.

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