Rerooting circles was created out of the realization that what we circle around is what we root into.  If you are feeling disconnected, detached from others, or are just looking for an opportunity to take a break from the day to day routine, Rerooting Circles is meant for you.

The Theory behind Rerooting Circles is simple, what we circle around is what we root into.  But if that circling pattern does not feel authentic or uncomfortable we believe that it means that it is not rooted in your true nature.  By providing different opportunities to explore our past, process our current lives, let go of unhelpful pattern and circle around root centered beliefs (like what our gifts are) we can created a deeper sense of meaning in our lives.  

We have an array of offerings including small groups, family gatherings, mother/daughter ceremonies, coming of age ceremonies, mother’s blessings, retreats, or through therapy that we can offer to provide an opportunity for an individual to connect with their root self.  Each of these offerings is personalized to take you on a journey to re-connect with yourself in a powerful, supportive and meaningful way.

The founder, Katherine Page, takes time to get to know each of the participants.  With her background as an experienced Clinical Social Worker and her natural ability to bring out the best in people, she creates a safe space for each participate to explore their own inner circling patterns.

If you are here, then your place in the Rerooting Community has already begun.  Head to the Offerings page to see if there is an offering that feels right for you.  

Contact Katherine Page at for more information.

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