Again, it was a pretty smooth day. I was not hungry and I felt very good, energetic. I think it helped that I had been drinking a shake or two a day for a week before starting the 5 day detox program. Today, my belle-mere (mother-in-law) said that her head hurt and that she had a difficult time sleeping last night. I had a slight headache today but it went away.

There were a few moments I wanted to eat certain foods. Again, during dinner I sat with the family and could smell the meat they were eating. I think my body is craving some iron (going to get my period soon) so my desire for it is stronger. I also had made PB&J’s today for the kid’s lunch and I usually lick the knife after I spread the peanut butter. I had to restrain myself a little for that. Sup

My FAVORITE mix is the Forever Beautiful mix. I can easily drink it with just water but I like it with coco water and maybe a banana to fill me up a bit. When I am not on the detox plan, I love putting a scoop of peanut butter with it and blending it all.

Here is what is in this delicious mix:

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