This morning I woke up wanting to eat. I was a little hungry and I think I was missing eating my oat mix. But that craving subsided after making a shake. I used freshly squeezed apple juice (not sure that is allowed but it was organic and fresh with no additives), frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, some lemon juice, and a scoop of the Super Greens.

I ended up eating lunch a little early today. I probably would have gone for a walk before but my son was sick today and I was stuck in the house caring for him.

For lunch I had greens, avocados, and mushrooms. It was delicious. I did use almond oil to cook the mushrooms and some balsamic on the avocados.

While making my son’s sandwich, you guessed it PB&J, I was still tempted to lick the knife but restrained myself. However, I did feel the need to have a bowl quinoa for dinner. I made it myself with sun dried tomatoes and a bunch of herbs. It was a small but satisfying bowl.

I like that there are only 6 ingredients in each mix. They also provide you with where each of those ingredients are harvested. What makes these mixes stand out above other mixes is that they really do have a unique blend of super foods in each mix. I am also starting to look forward to the unique ingredients of each mix. Which suggests that my body is resenting from those delicious doughnuts that I sometimes snack on to pure nutritious healthier ingredients. Maybe I should have called this a reset program rather than a detox program. Detox, to me, sounds so harsh. I am resetting my body’s system, which on these Super Food Mixes has been super easy.

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