Yes, I have my period between 6-8 days. Each month is a little different but there are always a few very heavy days. This month, the first 4 days were light while days 5-7 were heavy.

Day 4- Easy Breezy

I was happy to wake up, take out the tampon and use the cup. I changed it twice today but then used a tampon for the evening again. As the day progressed, my period started to get heavier and clumpy. I predict that tomorrow will be the ultimate test.

Day 5- No plans today.

It was nice to have nothing going on today. We ended up going over to a friends house and BBQ’ing. Ahh summer time!! I put the cup back in and was gone for about 7 hours. When I got home I easily took it out and this time it was more full than it has ever been. Which was an experience. But I will be honest. It was better than wrapping up my soggy tampon with toilet paper and placing it in the garbage.

I do feel that I am getting more use to the cup. I am more comfortable putting it in and know when I have done it correctly instead of it having one side slightly folded. Taking it out continues to be challenging but I know what to expect which helps.

I continued to use a tampon at night because I am just nervous about it getting lodged up there. Plus, I feel like the heavier it gets the more likely it will be that it will leak. Though this hasn’t happened yet.

Day 6- Yucky Tampons

I woke-up and was leaking from the tampon I used last night. Let me point out that it is day 6 of my period and it keeps getting heavier. Anyone else have this problem out there?

Ugh the nasty soggy string and the smell. Getting real here. So after that was out, I gladly went back to the cup. Since I am having a heavier day, I am going to check it every 6 hours (the recommended is 8 hours) which is still 2 more hours than a tampon recommends. So the fact that I shouldn’t have to worry about my period an extra four hours is really great.

I ended up dumping the cup after 4 hours one time because my intuition just told me too. Which was a good thing because it seemed like it was necessary. In the middle of the day I ended up using a tampon because I wanted to disinfect the cup. I concluded that I will probably need two cups to cope with my period each month.

I will admit that my fingers get pretty bloody when I remove the cup. Mainly because of how high I need to go to pull the cup down. It is also a little shocking to see all the blood go into the toilette. This will take some getting use to.

Day 7- Bloody Sunday

It’s not Sunday but I wish it was because I need a day of rest after a week of bleeding. Today was another heavy day. I switched about every 4 -5 hours between cup and tampon.

This really allowed me experience the difference between using the tampon and the cup. I think once I find the right cup, I won’t ever miss tampons.

Even the fact that I will just have this little cup to carry around with me and not have random tampons everywhere. That would be so nice! I don’t know about you but I have tampons in all our bathrooms, in all my purses, gym bag, at work, in the car, even in my suitcases. To be able to get rid of all these would be really liberating.

Day 8- Done!!

Okay, I used the cup throughout the day and can tell that my period is finally over. Seriously, what a week. Overall, I am so glad that I tried the cup out and committed to this experience. I am actually looking forward to next month when I can try the new cup. Stay tuned.

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