Day 4- Your Super Foods Detox

Today I felt a shift. Starting off with a clear desire to drink the Skinny Protein Mix. I found myself feeling more excited to drink that shake than the Forever Beautiful Mix.

One of the great ingredients of the Skinny Protein Mix is Hemp. Which is an excellent source of protein containing all the amino acids that our body needs and some that our body doesn’t produce. It is also packed with micronutrients that help with muscle recovery.

Which is great because last weekend I joined my future cousin-in-law in Budapest for her bachelorette party. “Shorty got low low low low low low low low”. So much that I have not been able to walk up and down the stairs for the last 4 days. Yes, ladies…. I know!

Overall, the day went great. I really am feeling a healthier pallet re-emerging. I am curious to see how I feel tomorrow and encouraged that I will want to continue using the shakes on a daily basis.

Day 3- Your Super Foods Detox

This morning I woke up wanting to eat. I was a little hungry and I think I was missing eating my oat mix. But that craving subsided after making a shake. I used freshly squeezed apple juice (not sure that is allowed but it was organic and fresh with no additives), frozen spinach, frozen blueberries, some lemon juice, and a scoop of the Super Greens.

I ended up eating lunch a little early today. I probably would have gone for a walk before but my son was sick today and I was stuck in the house caring for him.

For lunch I had greens, avocados, and mushrooms. It was delicious. I did use almond oil to cook the mushrooms and some balsamic on the avocados.

While making my son’s sandwich, you guessed it PB&J, I was still tempted to lick the knife but restrained myself. However, I did feel the need to have a bowl quinoa for dinner. I made it myself with sun dried tomatoes and a bunch of herbs. It was a small but satisfying bowl.

I like that there are only 6 ingredients in each mix. They also provide you with where each of those ingredients are harvested. What makes these mixes stand out above other mixes is that they really do have a unique blend of super foods in each mix. I am also starting to look forward to the unique ingredients of each mix. Which suggests that my body is resenting from those delicious doughnuts that I sometimes snack on to pure nutritious healthier ingredients. Maybe I should have called this a reset program rather than a detox program. Detox, to me, sounds so harsh. I am resetting my body’s system, which on these Super Food Mixes has been super easy.

Day 2- Your Super Foods Detox

Again, it was a pretty smooth day. I was not hungry and I felt very good, energetic. I think it helped that I had been drinking a shake or two a day for a week before starting the 5 day detox program. Today, my belle-mere (mother-in-law) said that her head hurt and that she had a difficult time sleeping last night. I had a slight headache today but it went away.

There were a few moments I wanted to eat certain foods. Again, during dinner I sat with the family and could smell the meat they were eating. I think my body is craving some iron (going to get my period soon) so my desire for it is stronger. I also had made PB&J’s today for the kid’s lunch and I usually lick the knife after I spread the peanut butter. I had to restrain myself a little for that. Sup

My FAVORITE mix is the Forever Beautiful mix. I can easily drink it with just water but I like it with coco water and maybe a banana to fill me up a bit. When I am not on the detox plan, I love putting a scoop of peanut butter with it and blending it all.

Here is what is in this delicious mix:

Day 1- Your Super Foods Detox

My intention is to share with you my experience completing this detox plan. Mainly, I am sharing to keep my self accountable. Thanks for being there.

Honestly, it is 9 pm on the first day and I feel good. I wasn’t hungry at all during the day. I did eat a salad with quinoa and sun dried tomatoes for lunch (part of the plan) which helped decrease my desire to crunch on something. The shakes are really delicious. I still have one more to go tonight but it is the one I love the most! The Forever Beautiful mix. Delicious!!!

I will share that I joined my family for dinner and watched them eat green beans and salmon. My mouth did water but I recognized that it was because it looked so good rather than I felt that I needed it. Yumm I love salmon.

Hopefully, tomorrow goes as smoothly!

Transitioning the mind and body

For those of you who know me, you know that we are transitioning back to the states from France in a few weeks. I am very excited!

Over the past year, I have not been taking the best care of my digestive system. I have indulged in all sorts of delicious things. Not that I regret any bite or sip, but I know my choices are not healthy for me. So I decided to capitalize on my excited energy and commit to a 5 day detox plan.

Intention: Reset my system and give myself an opportunity to prioritize my health.

Community: My belle-mère has joined me and I have committed to posting about my experience.

Responsiblity: I have a responsiblity to choose organic and healthy foods to empower my functioning. I have been emotionally nurturing myself through food over the past two years and the results have been increased weight gain, feeling more sluggish, poor skin, and crabbier mood.

Commitment- I am committing to following the Your superfoods 5 day detox plan. I am also going to commit to sharing my progress each day on Instagram and here.

Connection: I will explore the connection I feel towards myself and others through the process.

Integration: I will be mindful on how my old patterns poke their needs in and will address them accordingly.

Vibration: I imagine that I will feel more connected to my own inner guidance as I start to peel off the layers of sugar, starch and other additives my body and mind have been accustom to living off.

Class at the Chateau

Today I was thrilled to give a Rerooting Circle class to my friends at Chateau ClaireFontaine.

The next day they were embarking on a fabulous trip to Australia and my hope was to send them off feeling loose in their bodies and energized in their spirits.

Chateau ClaireFontaine, is a place of respite for missionaries and their families. It is a place for them be known, be still, be served, be together, be focused, and just be. The spirit of the Chateau, how it was founded and the work that they do, is very much aligned with the spirit of Rerooting Circles.

We started class by setting an intention and I provided a short explanation of the activities we were going to do.

For body movements, I choose a Qigong warm-up and then moved into movements that allowed us to get connected to our own inner vibrations. Once connected to that energy, we shook our tail feathers.  

We ended class with alternating nostril breathing and had time to reflect on our initial intention.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Chateau ClaireFontaine and the great work they are doing, I invite you to visit their website.  

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