Today I was thrilled to give a Rerooting Circle class to my friends at Chateau ClaireFontaine.

The next day they were embarking on a fabulous trip to Australia and my hope was to send them off feeling loose in their bodies and energized in their spirits.

Chateau ClaireFontaine, is a place of respite for missionaries and their families. It is a place for them be known, be still, be served, be together, be focused, and just be. The spirit of the Chateau, how it was founded and the work that they do, is very much aligned with the spirit of Rerooting Circles.

We started class by setting an intention and I provided a short explanation of the activities we were going to do.

For body movements, I choose a Qigong warm-up and then moved into movements that allowed us to get connected to our own inner vibrations. Once connected to that energy, we shook our tail feathers.  

We ended class with alternating nostril breathing and had time to reflect on our initial intention.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Chateau ClaireFontaine and the great work they are doing, I invite you to visit their website.