Day 3- Today did not start off well. I could not reach the cup this morning. I had to pinch and pull and pinch my insides to get a handle on the tail. It took a good 10 minutes of positive talk and calming my panic. It hurt and freaked me out so much that I used a tampon.

There was some relief in using something familiar. Though I don’t like the system and using tampons, now that I have experienced something different. But I would be driving around all day taking my daughter to and from dance practice and I wanted something familiar. I did not want to be worried about a cup getting stuck inside of me.

That being said, I noticed feeling more consumed about the usual tampon worries. “Am I going to bleed through everything” “Do I have enough tampons.” “When should I plan on changing it next.”

I certainly hope some men read this post. It is a good example of a day in the life of a bleeding woman. Maybe not for all but I bet there are many of us out there stressed about the same things each month.

Let me also take this opportunity to share that though I had been washing the cup off between dumping it and reinserting it, I had not disinfected it. Which is what I did while I had a tampon in. I just boiled water and left it in there for about 5 minutes. Your suppose to do this between each reinsertions.

I was not loosing hope about the whole cup idea but I was certainly freakout by this mornings episode. Does this happen to other women at night? I don’t know??

In between running my daughter to and from recital and fittings I went back to the internet to see about buying another option. I ended up choosing the FLEX cup. I am going to order this for next month and see if works better.

Towards the evening, after using tampons all day, I actually wanted to try the cup again. I felt that I was just as concerned about my tampons (for different reasons) as I was about the cup. The difference is I felt like the cup was less likely to leak. And, I ultimately have always been able to get it out.

I ended up using the cup for the recital and it went fine. It was actually really nice to pee and not feel like something was all peeped on or wet.

Taking it out before going to bed wasn’t an issues either. But for sleeping. I ended up using a tampon. I kinda wondered if the position I sleep in is good for the cup. Will the blood just spill out in me? Another example of not understanding or trusting it the cup yet.

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