Yes, it is called! Ecosia is a search engine that uses its profits to fund reforestation projects. By using Ecosia you are basically fighting climate change. Free to you.

I have been using it on my iPhone for about a month, based on the number of searches I have made, I have planted 2 trees so far. As of this moment, Ecosia has planted 60,903, 022 trees.

But this search engine isn’t just giving back, it is enjoyable to use as well. It looks nice, clean, modern app, and keeps you in the mindset of giving back. Which is really what is necessary for us now a days.

I want to really send out gratitude to whoever developed this resource and for demonstrating how a company can make a difference. These are the innovative ideas we need in our world and I am glad that I came upon it.  Now it is my responsibility to share it.

By the end of me writing this post, there were 196 more trees planted.  AMAZING!!!

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