Last week I attended a “Meditation and Magic” women’s circle at the Goddess Studio of Escondido. WOW! I actually became emotional when I walked into the magical space. The emotion was both from the beauty of the space but more so from the much needed connection I was longing for and the release of the shame that I had put it off for so long.

Too often we put the things that nourish our soul on the back burner and this was a moment that I was stepping fulling into that nourishment.  Of course, it was emotional.

They have many offerings at the Goddess Studio.  Including Belly Dancing Classes, Monthly Women Circles, and a Priestess Training.

The group leaders Amalya and Diana were very welcoming, as were all the other women. I felt accepted and nourished after the circle.  I look forward to connecting with this space in many other ways again!!