From a very early age, strangers, close friends, family members would share their stories with me.  Their stories were often very personal and emotionally charging for the teller to share.  I remember feeling a sense of calm and grounded while I listened to their stories.  It felt familiar and intuitive to provide that space for them. As if I had done it all before.  I never doubted or strayed from this path but there was a time when carrying others hurt felt more like a responsibility rather than a gift.

What I came to realize is that I had lost my footing.  As I went through the different choices and experiences of my life, I was able to reconnected with my inner sense of knowing.  This journey left me inspire by the idea of that rooting into our selves, either through a process of remembering threads and choices of our life or re-connecting to that sense of purpose can provide individuals with a strong root center.  As this idea percolated, my creative intuitive energy was reignited and the vision Rerooting Circles was born.

A little more about me… Coming from a family of educators, I followed a traditional path of attending college. But I often learned more about human behavior and authentically relating to others outside the classroom than inside.  By 2002, at 23 with my Bachelor’s in Human Development and Family Studies and my Master’s in Social Work in hand I took an intuitive leap to move to California.  By 2007, I was licensed as a Clinical Social Worker but wanted to deepen my understanding of the body which lead me to pursue a 500 hours Yoga certificate.  Envisioning a way to combine these two approaches I continued to build my knowledge by attending a Bioenergetics training program.

Most of my career has been working with young people, children and adolescents, in different setting.  Most of the situations I found myself working with were rooted in trauma.  My understanding of how the mind, body and emotions has always guided the way I work with my clients.

In 2009, my path took a little detour into love, travel, family, and France.

In preparation to move to France, I began building my private practice and found myself working more with adults.  It was a little out of my comfort zone but I trusted my intuition and experience and the work has been incredibly rewarding.  It has also been my work that has always feed my soul and provided me a sense of purpose.

France really birthed a new chapter in my life.  An unexpected chapter but one in which the story of Rerooting Circles begins.  I found that I had a lot of time to sit with myself.  I believed that the move was going to be an opportunity to slow down and enjoy life, connect with my family, and have energy to explore some inner desires.   But living in a different culture, not being able to understand the language or communicate my needs, and being far from my support system left me feeling isolated and depressed.  It brought up defensive patterns and feelings of inadequacy.  Though I could blame my situation for the reason I was experiencing these feelings, what I knew to be true was that these were familiar feelings of lonliness and detachment.  It was only that in the hustle and bustle of my familiar culture, I could distract myself better from those feelings.  What I found myself really longing for was connection and the ability to see the beauty and wonder that was around me.

My search to reconnect with the beauty and wonder in life was a journey that started by exploring what patterns of thinking I was circling around.  I had to look at how my beliefs, the ideas of what others might be thinking about me, and what I was telling myself was feeding those circular patterns.  I regressed into difficult childhood experiences but also remembered times in which I felt strongly connected to who I was.  It was in remembering rooted moments and reconnecting to these threads in my life that gave me the footing to shift the shadowy parts of myself into the light so that I may start to have a different relationship with them.

This didn’t happen over night and will continue to be a life long process.  But there were distinct experiences, people, books, podcasts, and knowledge that I consumed to become more aware of the patterns and how to shift them.  This lead me to feeling more rooted into myself in a way that felt pure, uncomplicated, and honest.  I also connected to a sense of remembering.  This sense of remembering was profound not only in the details of what I was remember but in a deeper sense of re-experiencing something that felt rooted in the true essence of who I was and what I was meant to do.

Rerooting circles is what has come out of these experiences of remembering what my purpose is and a profound sense of enjoying creating and connecting to others as a way to guild them to their own place of remembering.

Rerooting circles is a combination of what I have found to be helpful in working with clients and a way to bridge my inner true roots into a new fresh way of serving others.  I believe that it is what many of use are seeking for now a days.  A way to reset, refresh, reconnected, and realigned with our own inner roots.